Introducing the "No Selling" Fundraiser
That Can Raise Big $$$ for
Your School

It's Like a Dream Come True
You and the parents at Your School will love Storage Valet's easy turn-key fundraiser program. 
Why?  Because we've eliminated all of the elements that make other fundraisers such a hassle!
With our program there's...
  • No Selling
  • No Minimum Orders
  • No Commitments
  • No Deadlines
  • No Order Forms
  • No Merchandise
  • No Deliveries
  • No Stress
And no limit to the amount of money you can make!

Plus, this program can be customized for sports teams, clubs, cheerleaders, etc.

Make Money by Giving Away Something Valuable for Free

Here's how the program works... You distribute Storage Valet's customized electronic coupons valid for one free month of storage.  Click here to see a sample.  Every time a coupon is redeemed, Your School gets $50.00.  We'll even provide pre-written letters that you can give or email to your school's parents, and that they can forward on to their friends, family and neighbors!

Keep Making Money Year after Year
Storage Valet's win/win offer - coupon redeemers get one month of free storage while Your School gets $50.00 - has absolutely no expiration date.  So your fundraiser can bring in monthly checks for years!  To help you keep the program top of mind we'll even send you periodic "reminder" letters that you can quickly forward on to the parents at your school.

Have a Fundraiser You Can Feel Good About
Studies show that each month at least 10% of all households are using outside storage solutions.  In today's economy these people will really appreciate the Your School coupon valid for a free month of storage!

Work with an Established, Reputable Service Provider
Storage Valet is a well-established mobile storage provider serving a wide geographic area, including Orange County, the Inland Empire, and parts of L.A.  We provide safe and secure storage that's both easy and convenient.  Visit our website to learn more about Storage Valet.

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